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Friday, 8 April 2011

Rothbury Circular 2/4/11

Last Saturday I went up to Rothbury  for a wal over Blaeberry Hill  around Addycombethen over towards Debdon. Walked along the river looking for Sand martin still not seen one but it was a rather cold dull start to the day , Red legged Partridge right on the edge of Town its a stiff climb up and over Blaeberry Hill no chance of  much in the strong wind had up to 8 Chiffs singing, two Wheatears on the top and later Siskin and a single Crossbill over , 2 Buzzard came down low but to far for the camera stopped by Debdon stream a Grey wagtail dropped in just as I poured the coffee out and nearby a Robin feeding young , by mid afternoon it was getting much warmer but too late for me it was time to go.
A temporary bridge is being erected in Rothbury so they must be going to do some serious work on the old stone bridge .bat boxes erected along the river.
Red Legged much commoner than they used to be but this a first for the year.
View towards Simmonside  fro the edge of Rothbury
 Looking over to the north/north east
The climb over Blaeberry Hill still looks a bit bleak
 there must be a Geological term for this huge boulder with all the folds
hand holding for close focus does not work this a little blurred and overexposed in the strong wind

 The track around and down towards Debdon on the left
 A nice little picnic spot

looking back over to the hill 


Anonymous said...

I lived up Blaeberry hill as a kid, shamefully its been a long time since I took on "the stiff climb" The bridge construction is not due to be complete for another 3 YEAR, and the temporary bride took a year to complete,just as well the Jerrys wernt following.

Northumbrian Birding said...

Thanks for the info I had not realised its been that long since I had been to Rothbury the steam rally was my last visit, 3 years work to repair the old bridge !!!!!

Lancs and Lakes Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Your strange rock could be a lump of pillow larva - was the area volcanic in the ancient past?



Northumbrian Birding said...

Thanks Davo, that sounds an interesting term I believe the area was volcanic or at least Cheviot is an ancient volcano.