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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Good news and not so Good !!!

Got an email the other day to inform me I had won second prize in a competition ,don't get carried away not for any of my journalistic or photographic ability probably just a name out of the hat . Anyway the prize turned out to be £250 off per person for two on either a short break or a week in Scotland , well better than nothing I thought till I looked into the prices of just under £500 for a short break to just under £1000 for a week or a single person could take the £500 off a two week stay , but I'm thinking £1500 for a two week stay in Scotland plus the cost of driving up  I had ten days in the Algarve for about £250 and that included car hire . So I guess I am lucky to have at least won something or I am I one of many that has won "second " prize , it looks like I'll have to slum it  in the Algarve again for this winter it's a hard life !!!

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