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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

River Blyth

A trip out on the bike the other day looking for Speckled wood I found non but came across this Shield Bug  it would make a nice subject for a macro lens , plenty of  Wall Brown  on the wing with the habit of landing on the path in front of me. The River Blyth has had of late a Curlew Sandpiper and several Black tailed Godwits have been around for a few days one of which is colour ringed , I have also came across several Fox including  some cubs but with no camera at the time , that's the curse of a camera take it and find it hard at times to get some good shots , leave it at home and something will pop up just in front of you  !!!
 The new track along the riverside of Blyth has this area fenced off with about six of these signs ,perhaps the new path is to be the wedding way !!!
 Meadow Pipits making use of any bit of height  within their  territory
 This one came back to the same spot several times
 A few new ponds formed after the heavy rains of April how long will they last with the hot weather as this one is evaporating rapidly ,this one near the old reservoir , which had not a single Dragonfly or Damselfly but actually plenty of fish coming to the surface in the warm weather.

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