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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Dragonfly Sortie

A day out looking for Dragons at East Cramlington  produced a Black Tailed Skimmer , Four Spot Chaser and Emperors along with Common Blue , Large Red and Blue Tailed |Damselflies.  The BTS always kept faithful to a small piece of flat wood that was on the edge of the  pond vegetation  but some way off a bit of interaction with FSC and Emperor but it held its ground , it was a sunny warm day so the Emperor flew most of the time occasionally flying high to chase off another then come back to the pond patrolling the edge looking for females it did eventually land a couple of times but mostly they will perch with backs facing the sun which is not always convenient for photographs. There was 3-4 Four Spot Chasers but most holding a patch away from me and the one nearest was just at the long range of my lens , it's amazing how they have spread so rapidly I remember my first a few years ago and now it seems they are present at most ponds and sometimes in very good numbers.

For Spot Chaser
 Blaqck Tailed Skimmer and it's favoured log
 Male Emperor looking as though it's sporting a metal ring
 And here a Common Blue investigates showing the huge size differance ,its amazing how some people describe to me how they have seen huge blue Dragonflies in large numbers which mostly refers to these Common Blue's

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