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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Holy Island

Saturday 29th June a run up to Holy Island not the best time to go and even the weather against us with a cool wind a overcast sky , first stop the Snook a quick walk along the shore and back over the dunes ,plenty of Vipers Bugloss out in flower some covered in 6 Spot Burnet Moths, no sign of any Dark Green Fritillary probably to early and to cold , first Common Blue and Small heath of the year .
Next stop the car park and very busy it was ,we had a walk down to the newly opened visitor/interpretation building , it looks like it's just been lifted from the Lake District and dropped on site I thought it looked a bit out of place but I suppose new buildings often look like that . Walking up to the Watch Tower along the newly created track up the Heugh was much easier than previous path this will no doubt encourage more visitors up, I was very impressed with what they had achieved in the Tower the views are just amazing and 360 degrees , with the tide out there was a huge number of Grey Seals several large and very large groups spread over a wide area I estimated about 1500+ even the channels between had a couple of hundred heads above the surface from this height you can see much more than  you would see from the ground , they where just audible if you got sheltered from the wind , the only birds of note except for some very distant Terns was a Red Breasted merganser. The Tower proved very popular with a constant stream of people coming up the narrow stairs but well worth a visit see Holy Island as you have never seen it before  !!!
Vipers Bugloss and Lady's Bedstraw
 6 Spot Burnett

 This was very common along the shore
 The Castle from the car park and the visitor centre on the right
 Holy Island harbour area has to be one of the most picturesque views in Northumberland pity I didn't make a better job of it
 The newly refurbished Tower
 The Priory
 Extensive views all around from the top St Cuthbert's Island in the foreground and a very large group of Seals off to the left
 That's Bamburgh way off in the distance
 And Looking towards the Castle
Over to the Priory
 Camera to bins reveals the artwork to celebrate the (temporary)return of the Lindisfarne  Gospels (to Durham)
 Views going back along the track

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