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Monday, 2 September 2013

Black Darters

Can't believe it's September already I'm still sorting through the images I took last month when I had my first Black Darter of the year a common enough species at the right habitat  but they can also be found just about anywhere. The only large dragonfly of note was a male Emperor but it just constantly patrolled the pond edge taking energy from the very warm sunshine . Lots and lots of Common Darters in the teneral stage of having just emerged and taken there first flight their wings always look as though they are made of cellophane, some very nice male Ruddy Darters around also they are a much deeper red with all black legs and a pinched in waist look, try as I could there was no sign of female Black Darter nor could I find any Female Ruddy Darters they would probably be around but I couldn't find any to photograph, 40-50 Common Darter flying in tandem the male clasping on to the female as she dipped into the pool to disperse her eggs and sometimes dipping in the long grass. What more could you ask of a year than sunny days looking for Dragonflies ,trying to just get that bit closer .
 Common Darters as the name suggests probably the most likely Darter you will come across

 Ruddy Darters have that nice deep red colouration
 Black Darter only a couple of males encountered so far

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