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Friday, 30 August 2013

Great Crested Grebes-Killingworth

Could not resist the temptation to go to Killingworth Lake to have a look at the Great Crested Grebes , a lot closer than I expected being just by the road most I have seen in the past have been at least 100yds away  especially with young ,so it was a pleasant hour or so just watching their antics , despite being so close two photographers one sitting actually down on the shore line with what looked like  a 500mm lens  so he must have been only getting head shots but he still rattled off the shots like a machine gun , but the real interest was just being able to watch these stunning birds go about their daily lives by far the best views of GCG I have ever had . Interesting to see the Colour ringed Coot is still around and has  been for a few years now . A few Tufted also on the water  
 First bird encountered had the west end was this Goosander again it had come reasonably close to the shore but all the photos revealed possibly why as it was dozing in the sun had had it's eye closed the whole time . The Lake is a good place to see Goosanders in the winter
 Great Crested Grebes are a stunning bird  to see ,this juvenile enjoying the ride
No wonder they are growing fast if that's the fish diet


Killy Birder said...

Nice images Brian. I have rarely been past the lake and not seen a photographer/s there during August. This pair of adult grebes are I hear putting in for an Equity card.
The lonesome Goosander has been with us for two or three summers now. Cheers.

Northumbrian Birding said...

Thanks Brian , I thought the Goosander was just an early winter bird ! Those Grebes are something special to see them like that .