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Monday, 5 August 2013

Blyth River

I forgot about this visit along the River Blyth last month where I had 17 Goosanders mostly Juveniles in two groups of 10 & 7 and my first Sandwich Tern Juvenile for Blyth Valley (although they are numerous now) about 30 Sandwich Terns had taken to sitting on the tyres now covered in seaweed and just like a rock thus keeping them up off the surrounding mud ,Redshank by far the most numerous wader with a few Dunlin and the far bank held a few Knot 4 Black Tailed Godwits and 2 Bar Tailed the incoming tide pushed off the Terns and the waders all went over the far bank to an area they roost unless a big tides moves them from here also .
Goosanders this from a short video they where so busy bathing and preening they had drifted towards the old Bates Pit jetty and briefly the two groups merged how they knew which group they where in as they separated ?

 Digi shot as they paused from preening great to see so many on the river
 Digishot of  Juv Sandwich Tern occasionally it would land in the mud and not on the seaweed only recently fledged
 Took the camera off the scope as this Tortoiseshell landed nearby

and this bee on a sweet pea which is why I like to still carry a digiscoping camera around

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Brian erskine said...

Lots of swans along the river at the moment near the black bridge.