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Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Coquet Island visit

As  I wrote in the last post  a trip over to Coquet Island with the Natural History Society and North Northumberland Bird Club at the end of last month  weather was a bit dull and cool to cold with some fresh seas on the way out ,but we stayed in the lee of the Island which was reasonably sheltered . The was not a photography trip as all you can shoot is from the swaying boat but they did go in fairly close what does not come across in photos is the noise and smell of a large colony it is very impressive , a Seal popped up to investigate and several more nearby . Birds shot overhead in every direction and I braced against the rail to stop swaying tried to follow some with little success , Roseates could be picked out on the rocks etc: but I did not pick any out in flight , and all to soon it was time to head back by now the seas had calmed some  or we where going with it , everyone remarked how good it had been and for a mere £7 (return) what a bargain .
 We Near the Island ,last year we went around and then towards the jetty ,this year  it was straight to hang around then drift south slightly
 The other boat of the party it looks quite flat but not onboard
 I would love to visit the Island sometime even if there where no birds
 It does have a small beach
This is from the south the other boat now holding station off the jetty
 Crowds of Puffins and many flying off in all directions
 Not sure if this is a prime spot or not.
 Plenty of Juveniles on the beach I will leave you to ID them all
 The terraced nesting boxes
 Numerous Seals around the Island
 Roseate Juvenile on the jetty
 The Puffins just too quick for me and the lens

 Light improved for a few minutes
 Not sure if the hide is to be out of sight or out of falling debris lets say !
Roseate with Juvenile 77 pairs was the last count I heard ?

Back to the calm waters of Amble where I had a red  colour ringed Med Gull probably the Serbian bird but the photo did not reveal any detail and it would not play ball for me.

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