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Thursday, 8 August 2013

Banded Demoiselle & More Dragonflies

Some more Dragonfly photos from a trip out to look for Banded Demoiselle a nice sunny day again we are getting spoilt this year but it will perhaps help species to make up for last year and even give the chance for some to expand North such as Broad Bodied Chaser, and recently Four Spot Chaser also Speckled Wood which are now very common. I enjoy looking for Dragonflies  a very pleasant way to spend these sunny days  next to seawatching that is . Which is where I'm off now  must be a Sooty and a Minkie out there tonight 
 Banded Demoiselle  male on territory 
 Banded Demoiselle another with those black beady eyes
 Signal Crayfish one unwelcome expansion species
 Banded Demoiselle 
 Banded Demoiselle tried to get some flight shots video would have been much better
 This is a Damselfly larvae
and this is one that has emerged

Common Blue Damselfly on a goose feather not hard to guess from what species

 Numerous Leaches seen not sure what they feed on this about the width of your hand
 Male Emperor showed well in flight but always landed  facing me
 Four Spot  Chaser several seen

Starting to show some wear from battling with other Males

Female Emperor egg laying there was also another just out of shot as I could not them both in first time I've had two together 
 Another Leach this one even larger , I wonder if you still use a Cigarette to get them off  I had better carry a couple of Woodbines !!!!


Johnnykinson said...

Those Banded Demoiselles look like one of the Dragons that might be easier to capture in flight BUT...............nope.

Northumbrian Birding said...

Yes very true but halve the fun is in the trying.
Cheers John