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Saturday, 10 August 2013

Druridge Pools

I am a bit behind with my photos for the blog of late,partly due to the lack of storage and the processing speed of my computer it's time for a complete reboot I think but boy what a task that is . While on the way for an evening visit to Coquet  Island( for another post) the end of last month I called at Druridge Pools 
Black Headed Juvenile drops down and chases the Common Tern away I used one of the shots for my header this month

 Fortunately for us birders, birds do like to have a bathe in front of the hide even if you have to stand up to see out the window and between the grass stems . The classic Tern wing stretch now there's a design for flight , pity we cant get someone to design a hide you can actually see out of without having to stand between seat and shelf. One of the best hides in the area is at Hauxley the wader hide and I must confess I did see the Greater Yellow Legs from there .

Taking a bath now those wings just don't look real at all !
Juvenile Yellow Wagtail also drops in for a bath
 Presume from the same same brood but very individual
 One of the Little Gulls drops in to the shore
 They always look so delicate the ones observed at Blyth earlier in the year would often paddle on the water surface as they fed in the surf zone.   Fab birds.

I do like Little Gulls would love to see them on there breeding grounds in large numbers

 Here with a Common Sandpiper I did also have the Yellow Wagtail in with them just as I pressed the shutter its head went down behind a stone spoiling the threesome shot.

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