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Saturday, 16 November 2013

Haydon Bridge -East

Last week I tried something different  it was a trip down the South Tyne from Haydon Bridge to Fourstones in an open canoe another pleasant but changeable day with sunshine and showers sometimes both together  I have not been along this stretch before either in a canoe or walking we got in at Haydon Bridge and off we went this they tell me is a grade 2 river Herons a plenty along the route and some big Salmon leaping completely out of the water I noticed about 4 Dippers pass us presume they where heading for feeder streams as the river was way to deep and fast for them a large flock of Fieldfare crossed ahead of us and about 30 Redwings in a tree on the edge the river follows the rail line for awhile or I should say the railway follows the river surprised at how many houses where on the banks and we saw a couple of man made type jetties probably from some past industry . We pulled up onto a small beach which had steps leading to a house nearby  and the railway adjacent so must have been a halt at some time , lunch was quickly consumed I seem to take more and more each time and still feel hungry , there are some turbulent stretches at times then it settles to a calm but fairly fast current and it seemed like no time we where at the get out point at the bridge to Fourstones , when I say get out point it's not a stable platform or jetty its about 6" of level ground and a steep haul up the bank with the 5 heavy  canoes and across the road about 200yds in total I was wrecked but another good day out with Dipper(s) added to the kayak/canoe list .

Sunshine and showers its actually pouring down here

 Lunch stop the rail line just yards away, Buzzard crossed  lazily over the river

 You can just make out the cottage on the edge
 Very pleasant stretch of river it's always good to go somewhere new
These shots are just with the phone

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