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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Prestwick Carr

Monday was such a bright sunny day but rather cold I decided to go to Prestwick Carr just for the walk around and the off chance of a shortie or two ,parked at the east end of the lane  and checked the fields to the north before walking along the lane which is looking pretty rough in parts no way would I take my car back down there. The air was clear and still but not much activity at all eventually I came across the new platform which is very substantial in its construction  and does give good views to the south ,although in my experience of watching owls here this is an area they do not frequent much, platforms at wildlife sites abroad are fairly common and some like in Estonia are a bit scary as they are so high they sway in the wind and you have to go through a trap door in the floor can't ever see those in this country but you have to applaud the effort of the council for erecting this one. It would be good to see something like this at East Chevington perhaps they could adapt the tin huts with steps up and a mezzanine floor (all flame proof of course).
I went as far as the Northern boundary past the sentry box and spent 1/2 an hour just looking over the area with the scope ,3 Fieldfare  landed in a tree joined by 2 Reed Bunting a Kestrel hovered and a Buzzard passed over , heading back along the track 30-40 Redwings flitted from tree to tree another Buzzard landed beside the old brick building . Back at the platform I waited till dark in the company of  PC ( I had thought the blog PC Wanderings was about the travels of a police consatble as he wandered around Northumberland , it did take me awhile to twig)
various subjects where discussed  as I scanned the area hoping for a SEO hopping up onto a fence post , but other than another Kestrel ,Buzzard more Fieldfare and Redwing it was rather quiet till up to 20 Snipe started flying off to feed in ones and twos with their raspy call, eventually headed back down the lane stumbling in the dark.
This is one of the  towers at Kloostri Estonia with this at East Chevington  you could probably see Prestwick Carr as well !!!

Photo taken from Easybirder

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