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Friday, 14 February 2014

Holywell Pond

Tuesday 11 Feb
Not been to Holywell for some time so headed up this afternoon  one of the first birds noted was a Whitefronted Goose in with the Greylags just off the track, the pond water level high but more wildfowl than previous visits , with about 60 Mallard 15 Tufted , a few Pochard and Gadwall , walked the fields to look for Pinkfeet but only had four well hidden in a potato field till I flushed them as I walked the path also a flock of about 50+ Stock Dove in with about the same Wood Pigeon , the feeders in the Dene saw a party of about 10 LTT come through how I would love to find a Northern one, a Sparrowhawk landed nearby no doubt was going to try his hand at the feeders till it saw me , Dipper on the stream let me get close enough to try a shot or two with the iso pushed right up , these are another of my favourite birds and I watched it for some time as it walked in and then under the water popping out again like a cork !!!

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