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Sunday, 9 February 2014

LYNEMOUTH - Glossy Ibis

Wednesday  I joined MH at Seaton Sluice for a couple of hours seawatch not in the hope of anything special just to look for any movement at all a few Auks on the move mostly South as where the Red Throated Divers but not much else no duck to speak of although a Velvet Scoter was nice to see as where 2-3 Harbour Porpoise.  later the report of the Glossy Ibis still around the flash at Lynemouth so I thought time to go and have a look  but not till I was half way there did I realize I had left my bins , but had thought to bring 3 cameras !!, not to worry I thought bound to be someone with a scope on it , but no not a sole there I tried to pick it out with the camera zoom but no sign till 2 birders came about an hour later and there it was right at the south end of the flash , so I eventually drove past it and walked back to the gate it was just on the edge and me tucked in behind the gate it went on feeding coming nearer and nearer till another birder came bounding along the road asking if I had the Ibis , I gestured it was near as I kept low but he just walked straight up with loud voice asking how longs this been here , that was it ,it clocked him immediately and took flight with a low gronk !!!. so time to go off home no point in going any further without some bins !

 Feeding mostly on worms although it did seem to find one or two what looked like snails
Typical of my Photography at the moment  with the day being so dull , but when it's nice n sunny nothing to see !!

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