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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Blog Update - Water Voles

Not been much of a March for me I have been around a few places a visit to Harwood  in what was sunny but cool conditions failed to produce any Adder , huge areas have been clear felled this looking North that's the road on the left leading to Elsdon Gibbet only a thin strip left , no Wheatears for me along the coast  even a trip over to the Leas area  of South Tyneside did not produce any in Spring most seem to go straight up to breeding territories, Chiffchaffs as expected  in good numbers especially vocal in the morning , Gosforth Park  was devoid of Wildfowl leaving only a Pair of Mute Swans a few Coot and two Little Grebes.Big Waters, Holywell Pond although more at the former the only Whoopers I saw in the Blyth valley area was a group of 30+ fly North over my house .East Chevington was probably the most visited  with Slavonian & Red Necked Grebe with a Black Throated Diver all kept their distance but always good to see ,great views of mealy Redpolls with Starling Murmerations to end the day. 
On a differant note ,I have not seen Water Vole  in the County for many years now,the last was on the Coquet  west of Rothbury , though at the time it was of mild  interest, this year it is intended to try out some potential sites over the Summer months .  I would be interested in viewing known occupied  sites if anyone has any up to date information , then at least I would have a better understanding as to what to look for.
 Harwood Forest some huge areas have been cleared
 The ever obliging Stonechat good to see a few pairs along the coast
 Kestrels just what can they see, fluorescent urine trails according to latest reseach  
 Redpolls still at at East Chevington
 Little Grebe with I think a Perch
Vole taking advantage of what is after all a feeding station !

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