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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

In search of JR.......again

Juvenile Med Gull AAJR

Had a quick look at Newbiggin the other week in the vain hope I could find JR, this was a Juvenile Mediterranean Gull Colour ringed AAJR  found at St Mary's Island way back in 2006(one of two ringed) I did catch up with at Newbiggin details in the above link , now it will be coming up to 8 years old so may not be around , I would be very interested if anyone has seen this bird .
I tried a vain search of my own blog to find the year I first saw the bird with no luck so good old GOOGLE came up with it in an instant when I put the search" Juvenile Mediterranean Gull colour ringed St Mary's Island July"
and in a nano second top of the list was the above post   !!!

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