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Friday, 7 March 2014

Glossy Ibis -Tynemouth

Thought I might as well post some photos of the Glossy Ibis that re-appeared at Beaconsfield Tynemouth , a very unlikely venue for any bird to hang  around for long  but given  the fact that it returned to it's previous location more than once , I thought it worth going up for .
I vaguely remember what I thought was an old Manor house on the site years ago but it turns out it was a Dr Barnardo's home which was eventually demolished with the aim of building a luxury hotel and leisure complex  (bingo hall?)  which never materialized, although I remember going to the carboot sales held on the same site and bought some very good book bargains .
Anyway the bird seemed settled it was located just sitting up the small hill near some gulls so I stayed a reasonable distance away from the small pool  and it soon wandered down to feed coming closer and closer to me which is always a good thing , luckily the numerous dog walkers kept their animals under control and away from the temptation of running after it , numerous people called in even taking photos with their mobiles with five people lined up , mobiles raised snapping away as it happily fed on Earthworms.

Who would have thought Glossy Ibis would turn up on the seafront of Tynemouth  !!!

 The very wet ground providing a steady diet of Earthworms .

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FranJD said...

Great pictures. Imagine seeing this bird in that location - just amazing!