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Tuesday, 15 July 2014


A run up to Holy Island, Lindisfarne  with a start at the Snook the object to look at some of the  Botany  especially those plants new to me  apart from the obvious such as Viper's Bugloss , Ragwort etc: the first plant of note was Autumn Gentian thought to be very early but it seemed fairly common once you got your eye in and could spot the flowering plants with ease, plenty of Centaury which is also a Common  plant noted at many sites this was the Seaside Centaury  , a few Orchids with the Common Spotted going over and Pyramidal Orchid coming through , and Marsh Helleborine  in the thousands with literal carpets of them  probably the only place in Northumberland you will see them in such profusion. The one most people travel to this area to see is the Lindisfarne Helleborine  several where located its an attractive  flower in it't own way but not the spectacle of the sheer number of Marsh . A couple of glimpses of Dark Green Flittilary  with none  settled was the only sighting instead of it being a nice sunny day as forecast there was a strong cool breeze , so I had wasted my time with the sun screen and luckily had a heavy fleece in the car , rain seemed to threaten for most of the day but did not fall till much later.  I decide while I was up North I would call in again at The Long Nanny to see how the Little Terns where progressing , unfortunately it's not as if you can pull up in the car and have a quick look and by the time I got to High Newton it was about 5 so I went straight along the beach to the site by now as I was right on the coast it was decidedly chilly  arrived at the HUT and set my scope up still a few visitors there , Little Terns chicks in various stages of growth a few had apparently fledged  but I could also see a huge age difference in the chicks I observed , the wardens had trouble with a raiding Badger taking many of the Arctic Tern & Ringed Plover Chicks it could be the same individual that took so many eggs and chicks last year and will no doubt return year after year to this easy source of food , the tide coming in and by now quiet high so nothing settled on the beach not sure where they all go at high tide .This was a fairly brief visit as by now the rain was on the way  and I was dressed for the earlier forecast of sun, sun sun, I had the forethought of picking up the brolly from out of the boot more to keep my camera and scope dry than me , I was also glad I had not driven up just to come here for such a short visit and on the walk back I was the only person along the entire beach !!!
 Autumn Gentian
 Seaside Centaury
 Fairy Flax
 Pyramidal  Orchid
 Marsh Helleborine
 Bog Pimpernel, in carpets and actually seemed to thrive on the numerous paths trodden through the area
 Lindisfarne Helleborine
 A few plants located in the tall thick grass
 Round-leaved Wintergreen
 Lesser Water Plantain
 The Smallest flower I have ever seen the Marsh Pennywort  luckily it forms in clusters with one out and numerous others to follow the whole group is only a few millimetres across
 and the same shot with the flowers in the centre
 A walk along the dune /shore Edge turned up Sea Rocket
 And Grass Leaved Orache
There was distinct zones along the dune is it came to meet the sea , this common on the edge

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