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Tuesday, 12 August 2014

PKCS -Caspian Gull

Well I was surprised at the news of a ringed Caspian Gull at Amble harbour and the fact it had been there a few days ,so I headed up today not having seen Caspian Gull anywhere let alone the County . Bird located within minutes helped by the bright yellow ring on it's leg , the wind  blowing hard along the harbour so I got down low with the scope to have a good look at it. The bird seemed settled  and started to preen but not revealing it's flight feathers , but would suddenly take off catching me out ,where it would disappear but soon drop in again onto the sand bank opposite the harbour ,it keeps to itself and did not appear as aggressive as the Herring Gulls  moving out of the way several times when approached , I got a couple of shots of it taking off  so will try and clean them up to see the wing structure clearer ,as far as I can remember this is only the second record for the County the first being a Juvenile .

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