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Monday, 25 August 2014

Emperor Dragonflies

Emperor Dragonflies seem to becoming more and more common , this year I have found at least one at about every pond visited and up to three at one site , getting photos is another matter altogether , with July being very warm and long spells of sunshine Emperors can stay on the wing for long periods of time ion the search for females and to keep away rival males or anything else it sees as a rival, so although this year I have seen more Emperors than any other year to date they have been so active . I did find several that had indeed landed  but usually well away from the me 

 They nearly always land with their backs to the sun  or to the suns last  position if it clouds over for some time

 Female egg laying

close up of the ovipositor

Size in relationship to a Damselfly 

Two Emperors clash together , right beside me unfortuanatley a rush stem was in the way it's all over in a split second

 Emperor Male with Four Spot Chaser  to the right

And one a little closer

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