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Thursday, 4 September 2014

Time for a Blog Update -Insects

These are just a few photos taken from various locations in deepest Northumberland ,one of these days I will set up an insect studio at home they do offer a great challenge to try and get some decent shots ,in the field its' get what you can sometimes they will sit still and you can get as close as you like ,other times the slightest movement and their  gone 

 Not seen many Painted Lady  this year this only the 3rd
 Those compound eyes are fantastic and the Desperate Dan look (Google him)

 This Vole deep in the cover hence used the flash
I had noticed these sort of dark stains on the leaves of Rush which looked like  something had been feeding on |Blackberries !! this day I saw this Spider then another came along not sure if they where fighting or mating ?
 The black stains look like possible Spider egg casings? but not sure if it was just a coincidence the interaction took place there or it's something else . Nature is fascinating to watch always posing more questions ,these where about 6-8 feet away over water  so the camera did well to capture anything
 The Fantastic Comma just happened to land at my feet
Shield Bug I have looked at these before and am sure I have photographed this before but at the moment can't find my book , I don't think it's always necessary to  name everything  lots of insects are in Latin only which I always forget.
Another Shield Bug again taken with my SX50 the background is that plastic wood but it does provide the ideal backdrop ,this ones green as opposed to the other which is sort of a golden brown , you see I am learning all the time ..

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