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Friday, 12 September 2014

Lancaster Bomber -Durham Tees Airport

Last Month I took advantage of a visit to Durham Tees Airport to see the Canadian Lancaster Bomber which is on tour of the UK ,it was an Opportunity to get up close and personal with this iconic  aircraft , I left home very early the plan was to call at Bishop Middleham  on the way down but the weather was rather poor so I headed straight down to the airport . Durham Tees is a very small Airport just like Newcastle was when I took my first holiday flight , but the importance for today is this was the wartime home of the Lancaster Bomber group . There where numerous Military vehicles also on display and merchandise of the Lancaster tour also available but as is usual they had converted dollars straight to pounds  making a baseball cap £15 , so I resisted temptation. Eventually a very large queue formed once the Lancaster was brought on the tarmac  I thought this is going to be a nightmare to get in if you have to show your booking form etc , but no the gates finally opened and it was one mad rush in. The plane was very impressive close up and certainly no plane buff but was not going to miss this chance of being up close to such a fantastic aircraft , well I snapped away from this angle and that angle  eventually I noticed a queue forming and the rumour went around that we would be allowed inside the aircraft  so in true British fashion I joined the by now long line of expectant visitors , well little did I expect I would be standing there 2 hours as some struggled to get up the short ladder at the rear and took even longer to get out again . I got to one point and thought time to move on and forget about it luckily I spent the time having a conversation with the people in front and slowly we edged forward , several veterans had turned up on this special day and it was moving to see them get from a wheelchair and struggle up the ladder for a look inside this really impressed the Canadian crew as we eventually neared the doorway it was revealed by the crew that there had not been a planned event of allowing access but it was a mistake by the organizers letting the crowds think there was access  anyway I ended up about three from the front and the crew said not many more would get aboard as it was nearing time to get ready for take-off . One guy approached and put the question of this as by now the queue was just as long if not longer , I eventually got on-board and took some hasty snaps one of the veterans was sitting up at the controls  ,inside it's not like a clear passage along the planes length there are  all sorts of obstacles in the way it was brilliant to see the look on his face as he left , when I got back outside the police had dispersed most of the crowd and where on the end of the line . It was time for the aircraft to ready for flight and very impressive it was too as it flew back and fourth till eventually re landing signalling the end of the day !!!
 I have never classed myself as a photographer and this shows ,how difficult would it be to get some shots of this huge plane , well very difficult as it happens huge crowds around the ever changing light etc: but I certainly enjoyed the day and have at least captured some lasting memories

 Once inside it was some quick snaps lots of which where rubbish taken with haste this looking forward
 and this looking back
 looking back
 Views from an open canopy atop the plane

 This veteran was thrilled to have the chance to look around
 Flight controls

 A vitage bus arrives with some passengers to take a short flight


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