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Monday, 8 September 2014

Little Stint

Took the opportunity to get some shots of the Little Stints that frequented both the North pool and Sand bank at Cresswell Pond 
You would think over the years that using Blogger would get easier such as video uploads etc but I have tried several times to upload videos with no success so I have sent an upload to Youtube even this seemed to take forever so I cancelled it but it appears to have uploaded anyway the usual wind interference which  I normally take out ,there must be an easier way of adding video to a Blog !!!! ?  
Little Stint with Dunlin
This is afternoon light given the birds a ginger look
Little Stints move so fast even when this close they are not in the frame but a split second 

Not a view I have had before Little Stint takes a break from it's frantic search for food and lies tucked up !!

Just missed the tip of the tail which I caught in the next shot but it was slightly blurred


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