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Saturday, 29 September 2007

28-09-07 Friday......more seawatching great

Friday still down with that "Man Flu" you know the sort knocks the life out of you , the reason they call it "Man Flu" is that only men can handle it...........moving swiftly on, missed the morning session of seawatching so went up for an afternoon shift not as much as yesterday but there was a few Little Gulls,the first Goldeneye and we did have two fantastic Juvenile Sabine's Gulls ,these really are fantastic birds I was just reading about them after the adult of a couple of weeks ago, first discovered by Edward Sabine in 1818 on islands that now bear his name situated near Thule in West Greenland he was part of the crew looking for the North West Passage they had to shoot some to examine them now thankfully we use scopes etc, and can now be seen at a suitable location near you ...........if your lucky

Pipe fish still on the menu
This Juvenile Sandwich was having trouble in the strong wind I had to remove it from the road,adult called to young and young called to adult incessantly

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