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Monday, 15 October 2007

13/14-10-07 Saturday & Sunday

Sat first stop Cresswell a quick look on the pond ,Long Tailed Duck,Scaup & Goldeneye among the throng, but also at least three Hawkers in the open area so I spent my time trying to get good views and a photo or two I did get a digi shot as one sat for sometime , a Speckled Wood dropped in just three windows along I made the mistake of getting up and moving along before I had noted where it was by this time it had closed up and sitting on the cut reed I just could not find it suddenly it lifted and went over the hide another miss as far as a photo goes, from here it was Druridge stopping to get a digi shot of the two Brent on the way past, not much on the pools other than more Goldeneye with this odd coloured Pochard feeding on it's own ,on to East Chev but the light going fast so not much time to check the ponds more Goldeneye & the south pool level dropping with waders at the far end but we did not go around with the light fading.
Sunday another run up the coast first stop Seaton Point I wanted to check the caravan park in the hope there might be one for sale, not a chance of getting one in my lifetime was the message from a local back at the car it was warm so we sat and had our lunch with Painted Lady, Red admiral, & Tortoiseshell ( this landed on us) flitting around they must have also thought it was a warm spot , we ended just sitting here in the sun for most of the day but called in at the links of Warkworth on the way back this looks a fantastic area I wonder if anyone does it regular as a patch.
Migrant Hawker Digiscoped from the hide at Cresswell
Brent at Cresswell on the North pool
Very pale Pochard Thats right look at the camera !!!
Looking South towards Amble


Boulmer Birder said...

Brian, A few years ago myself and John Rutter did Warkworth Links fro a few years. We even did some ringing in the car park. Best birds were YB Warbler, Red B Shrike, GG Shrike in off the sea, LB Dowitcher, Am Wigeon, plus loads of minor scarcities like Water Rail, Jack Snipe, Black throated Divers, Black Redstarts etc. It is indeed a good spot.Check the annual reports about 96 /97 for the above birds...

Brian said...

I had given up my time to horse riding for the whole of the 90's,I did have a birds seen on horse back list,you could get very close to them, but my mare would never stand still when out. reading the reports looks like I missed some good birding in those years,I like the cover art work.