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Thursday, 18 October 2007

16-10-07 Tuesday at the pools

Cresswell's Barn Owl showed well for me good start to the day !!!!!

What a start to the days birding pulled in at Cresswell and the Barn Owl was the first bird I saw waited down the track for it to perhaps reappear as it had dropped into the field ,it flew around and dropped frequently hunting over the rough grassland, a bird came from the dunes towards the hide keeping low, bins raised to see a Male Merlin ,
Barn Owl lifted again but kept it's distance and again dropped down, then the call of a Great Spotted Woodpecker as it came over , the Owl also reappears but into the hedge side luckily I watched in case it flew over ,which it did a couple of quick shots and it was gone.
The pond still had Long Tailed Duck ,Scaup & Goldeneye etc ,but no sign of the reported Red Necked Grebe, a lone Whooper Swan dropped in but was soon chased by the Mutes.
Druridge Pools Gadwall, Teal, Wigeon, Mallard. & Goldeneye, with Snipe, Redshank & a Greenshank where soon noted, a single Whooper dropped in here also probably the same bird but was also chased off , but the snout of an Otter got my attention and I watched it for about an hour as it moved around the pool often disappearing for awhile only to pop up at the other end it swam around prone in the water and also came ashore a couple of times my best views yet , a look on the sea at the end of the day only a couple of Red Throated but several thousand Gulls on the surface along to Cresswell Village and beyond with a well spread flock of Common Scoter further out and to finish in the fading light about 50 Sanderling all hurriedly running along the shore to get past me, what a great days birding summed up in these few words and I nearly didn‘t turn out !!!!.

Great Spotted Woodpecker over the track to the hide
Just before it went behind the hedge

Lone Whooper at Cresswell & Druridge Pools
My best view yet of an Otter, unheard of a few years ago

Whooper at Druridge Pools before being chased off

End of the day as c50 Sanderling run past me along the beach

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