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Saturday, 19 January 2008

Glaucous Gulls

Short video showing the heavy bull neck & open wings.
"Glaucous from the Greek 'glaucos' meaning bright or gleaming" there seems to be a few around this winter these two at Linton pond on the 16th this one seems to have a full crop it seemed to drink constantly ,the strong light seemed to make the bird look darker at times,a second bird preening on one of the islands I thought was a second or third winter but it could just be the overexposed shot ,it did not hang around for long so I had no time to adjust the settings ,another bird a Hollywell pond on Friday and one briefly at Linton again today ,two Barnacle geese and a collared Greylag with the raucous Canada's.
Had a good chat with the infamous mystery birder as we waited for the gulls to drop in !!!!!!

1st year Glaucous at Linton 16th

Looking darker in the strong light
Another bird I thought it was a 2nd or 3rd winter
it looks grey in this shot
but not in this shot
1st year bird at Hollywell pond on the 18th

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