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Sunday, 27 January 2008

That Was The Week That Was

Not much happening for me at the moment seem to have been all over with not much to show for it
Snow scene near Bolam

GULLS.GULLS,GULLS.................The scene at Linton
and through the scope a Glaucous in amongst them
digiscoped at 1/16 second
Bullfinch feeding on buds Honeysuckle ?

Not the best shot of Brambling but they where very wary
Nuthatch and I have just noticed some fungus also !!!! Zygodactyl feet funny some of the things you remember, two forward and two back or adaptable as in this bird I read that years ago and it stuck,wish I could recall everything I had read !!!!!!
This is an argh!!!!!! (pronounced softly.................)
Long Tailed on the pool at the country park with one south and also one on the sea (probably the same bird) As it has been a slack spell have took up whittling as I suggested to Boulmer Birder, inspired by Blyth Birder and his recent trip to The Gambia this is a Giant Kingfisher and if you dont think it's a giant thats a 50p piece at the base,actually I had it made in the Gambia I left my fieldguide with the guy and told him which one I wanted,the book was brand new for the trip ,but when I got it back it was well dogeared everyone and there granny must have copied stuff from it , most people where bringing home those awful bloody masks I just wanted to be different not bad for a tenner !!!!!!!

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