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Thursday, 17 April 2008

16-04-08 Fullcrest

Some mystery bug saw me ill on Tuesday and not much better on Wednesday, but it was brighter and the Pallas's was reported singing so I went to try and get some shots , Goldcrests displaying for me on the path up, a few birders around but not the bird ,with nobody really looking I checked the areas it had last shown just walked back and forth slowly but a no show, I thought I heard it late afternoon, but it was deep in the scrub/wood at the South end. Willow Warblers singing , and then the pager message I did not want to see "Red Breasted Goose" (colour ringed) at Linton Pond, now dubbed a plastic bird which although its obvious now that the ring has been seen ,that the bird is an escape, does not do it justice as it is still worth seeing .
Later at home message "Pallas's Warbler still at the South end " oh !!well I did look
A Fullcrest Coldcrest
Gives the impression of the head parting and out comes the fiery crest
Not sure if she is impressed or not ,
Willow Warblers in fine voice.

Not mushroom in here.

Spring is here, though it was still bloody cold when the sun went in
Optimistic Collared Dove nesting behind a sky dish


Boulmer Birder said...

If that female crest isn't impressed I certainly am. Great shots of a cracking little bird, full of bull...

Ipin said...

Stunning crestie shots Brian!