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Friday, 3 April 2009

1-2 April Garganey/harbour security

Not been to far this week just cycled to Holywell and then St Mary's a couple of times , missed out on Swallow & House Martin & even Sandwich Terns so my list is only increasing very slowly,
Wheatears in the ploughed field next to the track , I also called into the harbour at Blyth no sign of the Icelands,but there is a sign to say that anyone on the jetty without a pass would be liable to prosecution, all in the aid of security, one jetty has a fence up and the rest of the harbour and entire river is open , talk about wasting money, as long as it's seen to be done is the maxim, I have been going to the harbour since I was a child, but now alas do not have the right security clearance to look at the fishing boats and gulls that surround them, is that progress or what!!!!!

Three shots from the wetlands


Alan Tilmouth said...

Obviously a result of the increased birder activity this winter. Of course we've all done loads of damage and caused major security issues??
The fact is Trespass is not a criminal offence and you cannot be prosecuted for it as long as you don't aggravate the situation and leave when asked.

Corvus said...

Bloody outraged about Blyth harbour go there a fair bit to see whats around in birdlife. There trying to stop people enjoying areas of nature.

abbey meadows said...

Lovely shots Brian love the garganey. Nice header too.

Northumbrian Birding said...

Thanks for the comments ,my rant over and back to birding.