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Monday, 27 April 2009

27-4-09 Back to reality

As AT has pointed out this pale headed bird seems to be a Blue Headed/Yellow Wagtail hybrid, apparently this is fairly common in France giving rise to the colloquial name of "Channel " Wagtail,oddly if I had opened the latest copy of "The Lek" journal of Durham Bird Club, there is an excellent article re the status of Yellow Wagtails and sub species in Durham, it covers this very point, but they should not be dismissed so readily as apparently some of these features are also shown in the subspecies of 'beema', its a little out of my depth of birding but nevertheless very interesting , and at the end of the day a very nice bird .
The Lek Spring 2009 DBC "Yellow Wagtails in Durham "- a review of subspecies recorded in the County. well worth a read !!!!!!!!! as is the whole issue.
Quoted in the references... "Birding World, Volume 20 No 3 (2007) : Yellow ,Blue Headed, 'Channel ' & extralimital Wagtails, and some others

Not sure whats happened with the photos can't seem to get them any larger ?????
Well its back to reality, just come back from two weeks in Fuerteventura, with loads of photos to sort I will put a few on a blog with link at the side when I get around to it.
Today it started off bright and sunny, and as always when coming back from abroad I was full of enthusiasm to get out and do some local birding to catch up with migrants , I was in for a shock to the system, after dodging from shade to shade as it was so hot !!!!, today it was freezing went out with a fleece then added a jacket and another jacket on that & even gloves dug out from the boot. Lynemouth Flash is drying out fast, with just a few Black Headed's , Willow Warblers singing & Blackcap, with Grasshopper reeling, 3 Yellow Wags & 5 Wheatear at cresswell.
Druridge Pools Little Egret & a few Dunlin , this also starting to dry out , from the main hide 2 young Otters playing around and also on the island till they went up on shore and disappeared, also followed later by what was thought to be a female, Goldeneye & Tufted with a few Gadwall & mallard with young,back at Cresswell on the way back pulled up behind ST he had a Blue headed and then another with now 8 Yellow Wagtails altogether what is so special about this corner of the field that always seems to pull them in, some heavy showers and a cold wind so I headed off home early.

Two young Otters having fun on the island

I was wondering what this one was doing till I watched the video, its actually having a Peeeee ! I wonder if its a female, do the dog otters cock there legs up !!!! :)


Alan Tilmouth said...

Brian, I've posted about that pale headed bird as I think it's a 'Channel' Wagtail over at Dustybins.

Ipin said...

Otter on the 'wee' list eh Brian?

Northumbrian Birding said...

AT . I did not have time to look it up before I posted the photos,have edited the post.
Ipin. The Otters gave some great views, coming out onto the shore at a couple of places, could sit and watch them all day.