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Thursday, 31 December 2009

The end of Birding for 2009

The year is coming to an end rather quietly it seems just had another run to Holywell calling in at the Sluice the wind seemed NE when I was at home put easterly at the coast just a few Gannets, Scoter and Eider,with some Wigeon on the rocks so it was a token seawatch to end the year.

Holywell Pond the hide door is jammed solid and as I said before there is no handle to pull it open,thinking I could hear someone in I banged on the door, and again, getting a bit annoyed that nobody opened the door , so I levered it from the base and it popped open , not a soul in oops !!!, just got settled and nearly the first bird I saw a male Merlin crossing the water superb it hung around the hedge on the far side then went over the top, nice start but actually very little else happened, camera out scope up a small area of open water brought in a few gulls , trying to settle on the ice but the wind too strong, a Water Rail briefly by the feeders, I tried getting some shots of the Greenfinches as they hovered trying to land on the moving feeders, so coffee gone and not much (actually nothing) happening that was my year end birding not even a photo for the blog,................. still there is a whole new year ahead !!!!!!!!!!!!




Killy Birder said...

Holywell seems to be a popular spot to end the year. Hopefully a bit of work on the hide door will be a priority for the trust in 2010! :-) Cheers. Brian.

Northumbrian Birding said...

I suppose I do sound a bit of grumpy sod !, perhaps a New Years resolution is needed ? (meaning I'll still be grumpy but not mention it so much )
Have a good New Year........