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Sunday, 6 December 2009

Warm Winter Sun...................for a few days anyway !!!!

Just been away to the Algarve for a few days winter sun ,with most days warm for my first visit to Portugal, Black Winged Kites, Azure Winged Magpies, Penduline Tits, Purple Heron, Booted Eagle, etc:,etc:, & hundreds n hundreds of Chiffchaffs ,with birds at every location we visited, also a few Butterflies still around with a first for me with what I thought would be something easy to ID from the books but as yet no, it was one of the largest Butterflies I have so far seen , orange ground with black veins on the upper and orange/red with a large black mark towards the apex, what a stunning find on the last day, will put a few more photos when I sort them.

I have set up a blog for the photos here.........

Booted Eagle with what I think is a Moorhen !!!


Nick Franklin said...

hi Brian
could your butterfly have been a Plain Tiger

cheers Nick

Northumbrian Birding said...

Hi Nick,I am thinking it was a Monarch,by far the largest Butterfly I have seen easy 4" across with heavy black veins on the upper wing(cant seem to find anything else to fit this), but the under wing showed orange/red with a large black mark/smudge near the apex, I can only think it was the strong sunlight coming through the wing showing the upper, although I did not see the upper properly,you would think it would have been easy, but it flew strongly darting around,at one stage it was chased by a cat !!!