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Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Iceland Gull...........but little else for me anyway.

I have not been far these past few days a run to Holywell Pond produced nothing out of the ordinary, and a few visits to the harbour looking for Snow Buntings ,but none so far, I did pick up the Iceland Gull yesterday, I picked it out to late as it dropped of the jetty and settled on the sea. it's the one with the droopy wing I have seen several times along the estuary and at Holywell Pond ,looking at one of the photos it looks like a break of some kind on the right wing , obviously not stopping it flying but must have some serious effect to maneuvering especially if it gets in with mob of gulls feeding from cast offs from the boats.
Today I walked along to the estuary ,again in the hope of Snow Buntings, the rough area beside the old pit yard is now fenced off as development starts, only a few Linnets around and a Great Spotted Woodpecker down the track, the filter pools had a Mute Swan with a Canada for company, and several Teal Lifted, plenty of Snipe around , the usual waders down beside the boat yard and plenty of birds up the burn but you need a scope as the area is so large. The cold persists but it does not seem to have brought anything with it ,not for me anyway the camera not even out of the bag today.
I always put food and as important water out for the birds, I only get the common stuff in the garden but it was interesting to watch the resident Blackbird trying to protect the food and water from the other 6 or so blackbirds around , while he chased one ,another would nip in from behind, expending far more energy than he was consuming, the sparrows just kept feeding and some went straight for a bathe in the water.......and it's not a heated pool !!!!!
Serious damage of some sort on the right wing

The Iceland Gull sat on the water preening ,I was hoping it would come nearer as they were throwing lots of dead fish etc in, but it left without my noticing.

The younger birds are as aggressive if not more so than the adults , but its the bird that can swallow the fastest that gets the rewards.

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