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Wednesday, 3 March 2010

The End of Feb..................

Not been much happening for me since the Waxwings I did visit Linton Pond which was partly frozen only one Herring Gull and a small party of Black Headed & Common Gulls , Tufted and Teal common with a few Shoveller , white winged gulls seem to be very thin to say the least I have been to Blyth Harbour but no sign of even the Iceland ,its a bit of a lull and can't seem to get the enthusiasm to get out and about and when I do there is not much around.
In one of the brighter spells I did have a Barn Owl over and my fist full song Skylark with a couple of others just being half hearted about it .
A few moments before the adults had been chasing the young then another bird turns up landing on the ice and the family decide to give chase , the male climbing onto the ice and waddling across to chase it off
This Fox had obviously seen me before I saw it and sat wondering what to do !!
Run is always the result >>>>>>
Good to see Barn Owl out and about, it did catch prey , swallowed it so quickly and off again


Mark Mowbray said...

love the barn owl Brian know the feeling of half hearted at the minute. Haven't had a good day out in weeks the weather just isn't nice.

abbey meadows said...

As ever Brian...wonderful shots. I Like the group of Swans.

Northumbrian Birding said...

Yes Mark bad weather, computer problems, trying to get to grips with RAW...nightmare.
AM. The Gulls for me are a big miss from Linton my favourite winter haunt, will call in now and again , the Swans looked great also another one just out of shot .