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Monday, 15 March 2010

March 15th Winters Gibbet & Harwood

Sunday I had the day to myself and being bright & sunny with a bit of a breeze I headed for Winters Gibbet near Harwood , its a smashing drive up but as soon as I got out of the car you could feel the cold and much stronger wind , Siskins along the wood edge and briefly Crossbills which later came and sat on and around the gibbet , a few Buzzards flying and a single Goshawk soared higher and higher , later a short walk around a section of the forest Siskins looking stunning in the strong light, Goldcrests and Chaffinch,plenty Frogs in evidence , M.Hp later told me he had an Adder taking advantage of the sun I have never had one this early, not being geared up for a long walk and with the intention to come back for a day with the bike and get deeper into the woods. I headed off stopping at a couple of places Buzzards well evident in the area sitting on posts and one or two soaring , a flock of about 100 Fieldfares crossing in front of me and dropping into a field , but then the rain came and I thought it was time to head back
It was great to see some Crossbills drop in
They have a top heavy look , as though it will tip forward at any time !!
Picked out this Squirrel before he saw me ,but then it was up the tree !!!
It was great he did not skip off, but just eyed me with caution
Now he's got bored with me as something else gets his attention & I leave him to it !!!


abbey meadows said...

Still a lot of snow along some of the forest tracks Brian. When it clears I'll be along with the bike as well.

Northumbrian Birding said...

Tracks seemed OK on Sunday Nigel, hardly any snow ,other than the very shaded rides, thats why I thought of the bike.