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Friday, 10 December 2010

St Mary's Island 8-12-10

Now that's cold !!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday was such a bright sunny day , I headed to St Mary's Island , some grey Partridge in the stubble field, a Woodcock flew over and dropped near them trying to feed ,2 Snipe lifted from the stream  and dropped straight back in, another  Woodcock  as I went up the track   a total of four over by the time I got to the top , another two when I went down the dead end, I realised they seemed rather lost as where to go , so I kept away from the stream not wanting to flush them for the sake of it , standing in the open they just seemed to be all over with birds dropping in then just lifting again. Standing on the cliff edge birds dropped into the open grass area, I counted a total of 28. Skylarks about 60 coming to seed near the carpark with a  Snow Bunting , Reed & Lapland Bunting and the ever resourceful Turnstone present also, some open water on the wetland attracted Mallard ,Teal and a Water Rail seen through one of the wooden screens  the Grey Partridge even nearer the road but flushed as I walked past.
Woodcock by the cemetery as I got the car and again about 12 Grey partridge in a school field along Blyth links and about 100 Pinkfeet  just over the wall from the road they must be really desperate  to get that close to the road , one field seems to be attracting  a lot of waders and gulls .

 Woodcock just seemed to pop up and dash overhead
 Caught one or two but they where just too fast.
 A Bird drops in along the cliffs in front of me

 Plenty of Skylarks on the seed
 Lapland Bunting
Water Rail through one of the lower openings in the screen 

Greys fly further into the field

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