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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

House Sparrow...... In the style of Johnny Kingdom !!

12 seconds in the life of a House Sparrow.
Monday I was just trying to set up the date etc: on the CCTV in the Swift nest site while this House Sparrow had come in to roost , all of the time it was well tucked up and I thought it was dead, not wanting to clamber up in the loft at this time of year to retrieve it , I just  " monitored"  it  just like Autumnwatch , its a bit Johnny Kingdom' ish but like his stuff filmed entirely on my own land  !!!!! 
Recipe just in case you come across 60 dead Sparrows (all that bacons going to cost a bit though)

Lark, or Sparrow Pye.
You must have five dozen at least; lay betwixt every one a Bit of Bacon as you do when you roast them, and a Leaf of Sage and a little Force-meat at the Bottom of your Crust; put on some Butter a top and lid it; when bak’d for one Hour, which will be sufficient, make a little thicken’d Gravy, put in the Juice of a Lemon; season with Pepper and Salt, so serve it hot and quick. (Charles Carter’s “City and Country Cook … “ 1736)

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