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Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Woodcock,Waxwing, Snow, Sky & Laps...............

This tree still has numerous Apples on enabling the birds to feed on the tree , I wonder if this is a special trait of  this particular tree or class of Apple  ???.My apples the few there where this year all fell of long ago

Blyth Piers

The run up to Christmas saw me at Cresswell ,Blyth Estuary ,Blyth Harbour and a few hours sitting in the car at St Mary's Island trying to get the  Snow Buntings , Lapland Buntings etc : coming to seed . Two new birds for the garden list in the form of Brambling and Woodcock, just getting home from St Mary's session , a neighbour (same one that had Water Rail early part of this year ) said they had a large bird feeding on the lawn only got a couple of snaps through the window , but next day I flushed a Woodcock from my garden .
A walk to the harbour only produced a single Waxwing feeding on Apples on the way back when the light was going  gull numbers increasing , but the harbour is not the same with the restricted access so I will only put in limited effort to find a white winger  in the next couple of months , I think they will be hard to find .

Rock Pipits but just a couple coming in

Numerous Skylarks
Snow Bunting , I had not  noticed the long claw before 
Lapland Bunting  (2)
Reed Buntings  as to be expected there where several birds

Seven Snow Buntings present  and Turnstones(background) also coming to feed

 Lapland Bunting (2)

Some of these photos taken during a heavy snow shower hence the difference in colour tones

Double Glazing does nothing for photographs, Woodcock trying to feed on neighbours lawn

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Ipin said...

Some great photo's there Brian!