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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Around the Ponds

Just an assortment of photos and a couple of short videos of visits out over the past week or so, not many photo opportunities of late but still good to get out.
Chiffchaffs  singing in good numbers but no Willow Warbler or Blackcap for me first Orange Tip of the year ,weather on the turn again typical bank holiday . 

Caught up with the Common Crane near Warkworth Lane walking down the track from the main road ,actually I thought perhaps it had gone as there had been no reports first I looked for the Whoopers it had  been in company with, but the bird was alone, it was rather distant and there was a terrific heat haze , one of my digi shots showed some red on the mid crown but I could not see this through the scope, it eventually flew off going North but apparently returned  a short while later always a nice bird to see in the County.

I walked from the Crane down to Cresswell via the bridle path which has been cut back and some of the wetter parts gravelled ,this brings you to the pond from the West and provided the causeway is not flooded , eventually the road , two Avocets on the spit and later from the hide they came onto the sandbar.

Still a few geese around these where on Holywell Pond a few Pinkfeet and the single White-fronted Goose

I have seen the Prestwick Carr Great Grey Shrike a few times but never more than a distant view hence the very distant shot here

 just a short clip of the Common Crane before it flew off.

Two Avocets at Cresswell Pond here on the small sand bar beside the hide where they fed in a shallow pool


kirstallcreatures said...

Gotta love that Prestwick Carr Great Grey Shrike! Linda

Northumbrian Birding said...

Hi Linda, Although the Shrike has been there for months there are still some that have been several times and not seen it, so I can't complain!!