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Saturday, 7 April 2012

Hareshaw Linn

We had a drive over to Bellingham  for a walk along the banks of Hareshaw Linn its an easy stroll only about 1 3/4 miles , a reasonably sunny day Chiffchaff the first bird heard , Nuthctch, Great , Blue, & Coal Tit in abundance. Great Spotted Woodpecker drumming , and the yaffle of   Green Woodpecker  despite it seeming so close we could locate it, a pair of Grey Wagtails on the actual waterfall and Dipper also seen .
Whilst checking out a Nuthatch a Red Squirell scampered up the tree but eventually settled on the end of a tree limb.

There are six bridges to cross before you get to the waterfall but all are good vantage points to check the stream
 Plenty of Wood Anemones coming through especially where the sun reached

 Also vantage points to look down onto the stream

Most of the bridges are just that , a means to cross over

 But the 6th one is a little differant and just shows what you can do with wood
 Near here is this sort of tree stump which people have hammered in coins it looks quite affective , I have seen  similar in Holywell Dene
Looking back onto the 6th and last bridge , a short walk up hill brings you onto a view of the falls.
 I was trying to capture the Rainbow which is about centre.

In the rock crevices are some great ferns , some I gather are rather rare, the sort that only have Latin names , so I will leave at that !

 Mr or perhaps Mrs Red Squirrel sits out on a limb to eat whatever it recovered from the hole in the branch end
Always see dippers along here from the village to the falls 

Four Roe deer up on the hillside  but soon out of sight on the steep slope 
And a few seconds of the small but enchanting waterfall at Hareshaw well worth a visit.


Cain Scrimgeour said...

looks like a beautiful place, I'll need to get myself up there.

Northumbrian Birding said...

Cain its a bit like Holywell Dene ,just bigger and better !!!! :)