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Monday, 2 April 2012

Lone Whooper

There seems to be a few lone Whoopers around this one at Big Waters and I had one on the River Blyth that swan out to sea , you always assume they would stick together perhaps one or two get misplaced in fog,or perhaps as  they are not paired up, they get pushed out the flock , there must be some reason for birds to be on there own especially a species like Whooper Swan this one looking rather forlorn as it drifted around on the pond ,but that's all just guess work on my part they do all seem to head of North in the end !.
I also headed to Holywell Pond  a flock of 60 Curlew on the shore, 125 greylag with 12 Pinks and a single White Fronted Goose, two Red Legged Partridge  in the west field.

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