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Friday, 30 March 2012


I had forgotten  about taking  these,the Waxwings near Asda, I was working so just called in on passing the four birds sitting above me as I sat in the car but they would not come down till I moved . they have been thin on the ground although I have been looking , checking any berry source I could find, but as I don't use Asda  I never got around that way , not sure how long they stayed in total but numerous birders caught up with them, so that's probably it till next winter .


kirstallcreatures said...

They're stunners aren't they, I didn't see any Waxwings this year. Whereas the previous year I was surprised by a sighting from my bedroom window of about 10 Waxwing in a neigbouring garden but as luck would have it I didn't have time to stick around as I had to leave quickly to catch a bus into town. Arriving in town & getting off the bus I heard a strangely familiar trilling & was gobsmacked to see a flock of about 40 in a Plane tree adjacent to a couple of Sorbus trees right in the middle of Leeds City Centre. I can't imagine I could ever tire of seeing a Waxwing. Linda

Johnnykinson said...

They've been a bit of a miss this year Brian. I think we were spoilt last year.

Northumbrian Birding said...

Got to agree with both comments ,very low numbers this winter ,I got my first ones of the winter viewed from a bus, and they can turn up anywhere, oddly mostly ignored by Joe public ,who could ever tire of seeing them !!!