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Saturday, 10 March 2012

Prestwick Carr

Last week it was such a miserable day I decided not to turn out but mid afternoon the sun came out and it was terrific so I headed up to Prestwick Carr as I have not been for a week or two and still not caught up with the shrike , just as I got up the hill towards Cramlington the sky darkened and it absolutely poured down but it just looked as though it be a shower so I pressed on . Parked at the top of the lane and headed down SEO could be seen through the hedge quartering the field  when I reached the gate there where three birds but well apart and some way off ,one landed on the fence so I got some hasty digi shots  and a shot of a Buck Roe Deer with its head just showing in the tall grass . Reports received that the GG Shrike had been seen down by the lane of the Bridle path now this is a long walk so I thought I would give it a go before it got to dull  but I scanned with the bins just a short way along and thought I could see the shrike along the hedge but a long way off so scope up a sure enough there it was but I could see from its location it would be impossible to see from the bridle path so that would have to do for today. The Owls by this time where coming somewhat nearer but the light was also fading and despite taking numerous photos have deleted them all after posting one flight shot, still it was fantastic to see  them giving stunning views through the scope, I headed home happy looking forward to a glass/1/2 bottle/ or bottle of wine ? (only 1/2 bottle in the end)

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