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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Warkworth Gut

A lazy day out starting at Amble Harbour no sign of any Med Gulls so around to The Braid  we like to sit here and have our coffee looking over to the Gut , there had been a wintering Spotted Redshank  here so I thought we would have a look around , there is a reasonable sized car park and toilet facilities , walking along the track it turns to the right or you can go straight on and will come onto the breakwater into Amble Harbour , its hard to see what has been done as I think it's just been a light scrape , but there is a new much more substantial bridge over leading to a decking area giving views over the whole area. near the bridge a few Teal Mallard , Redshank and a dozen or so Snipe ,but over towards the river huge numbers of Wigeon more Teal  and lots of waders ,well it was a nice sunny afternoon so I opted to watch the tide come in and see how far it covered the area, in it came rushing through the bridge supports , the flocks of birds getting tighter and tighter, I was quite surprised at just how far it covered the area easy to see as your up on the hill it was still on the rise when I had to go , It's a pity there is no access to the headland looking over to the river as that is where most of the birds gather. No sign of the Spotted redshank ! 
An old Lawnmower languishes in the mud not sure if it's an old Atco or perhaps Qualcast ?
Looking South to Amble
The new Bridge I think the previous one was just a couple of planks.

And looking North those are Teal in the forground

The tide turns and you would think perhaps that's as far as it will go
Through the bridge
and giving a shallow covering over the grass land
But no it's covering quite a large area
And it's still pushing hard through the bridge.
Covering more of the grass land so there will be no Vole population here, the decking rails in the foreground this gives good views of the area , although most birds are much further South.
And still it comes
And comes
It was still rising when I left !!!,  I cut through the Caravan park to see if there was any to hire , I think a few days here would be very pleasant at the right time of year.


alan tilmouth said...

Whatever it is it ain't hovering any more!

Northumbrian Birding said...

Cheers Alan, It always puzzles me the lengths people go to actually dump there rubbish !!!