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Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Whoopers at Big Waters ,1 ringed

Went over to big Waters via the bus last week  pleasant enough day  and there where numerous birds around started at the first hide /bunker which looks out  onto the island there are numerous bolts to undo to open the shutters this is a necessity as the area is prone to vandalism actually a plague of the nation. Three Whoopers nearby and AJ who probably spends as much time here as at home  pointed out one was sporting a darvic ring , so the challange was on although he had read it through his  scope I tried to get some digi of it , the other two seemed paired up as they  where never far apart. the Island had an assortment of Gulls and drying Cormorants, still no sign of Otter for me again so far , the Male Pintail still around but as before constantly upending Great Crested Grebes in nest building fewer birds at the feeding station  Long Tailed Tits 3-4 pairs around , a Red Admiral along the boardwalk in a sunny spot not a bad day overall. 

 Y696 Alan will send in the sighting and inform me .
All seems harmony as both Mute and Whooper preen on the pool edge
It needs some smart comment added here but I'm at a lost.

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