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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

I Don't Believe IT !!!!

Went to the town the other day  and I called into Primark , in the men's department I came across a stand of Spectacles now I'm of the age when I need to use  at least reading specs so  another pair would not come in wrong,  as there was only one style I looked through them for the appropriate magnification, but nothing printed on any of  the ticket  regards this , so I stupidly put a pair on and tried to read some text  no good , so another pair tried still no good , I suddenly twigged these where merely fashion accessories  with just plain lenses used to pretend you wear glasses  when thankfully you don't  need to , so on the one hand TV adverts for laser eye surgery to rid you of said glasses  and on the other hand  people buying glasses to pretend they have poor eyesight ..........funny old world !!!!


Killy Birder said...

I blame Harry Potter myself! :-)

Christie said...

I always find that absolutely bizarre as well, especially as a fellow speccy myself that spends a fortune on contact lenses!

Anyway, hello from a fellow Northumbrian blogger!

Northumbrian Birding said...

Hi Brian,Talking Harry Potter Iv'e just seen the film set will be open to view but will cost a family
up to two hundred pounds !!!!
Hi Christie , I see in the early days of contacts they placed plaster in the eye to make a mould ugh !!!