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Saturday, 17 March 2012

Kumliens Gull Hartlepool

Last Saturday I went down to Hartlepool headland specifically to see the Kumliens  Gull a form of Iceland Gull which I have not seen  before and It's looking doubtful if I will see one in the County this year despite there having been record numbers this year. Got onto the Fish Quay and immediately the bird  flew past but I was looking into the light  so I moved and waited for it to do a circuit  which it did several times but always catching me out  as it disappeared several times and I never saw it perched despite looking everywhere for it . 1st Winter Glaucous also around but this was the opposite as it sat on the water for most of the time, no fishing activity and by mid afternoon most birds had left with a few on the shed roof which where out of sight, three Red Breasted Mergansers and a Common seal the only other things of note, other than I also passed the BEER Can House !!!!
Kumliens Gull 2nd year  most views where like this as it cruised by overhead

 Kumliens Gull showing the darker outer primaries contrasting with the inners

 Glaucous spent most of the time sitting on the water till it went after a discarded fish below the quay wall

 Eventually lifting
And doing a short circuit before disappearing

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