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Sunday, 25 March 2012

Seaton Sluice/ St Mary's

15th March I took the bus and got off at the top end of Seaton Sluice to check wha'ts locally called the Donkey Field just near the football field you can see this concrete wall which is part of the Roberts Battery this is actually a fortified latrine and the square holes are for putting your rifle through, the low wall to the left must have had some heavy barbed wire all the way along , now it just has some nice Lichen, the compound and Officers Bungalow are now a private dwelling but it does have open days in i believe September well worth a visit.
No Donkeys or Wheatear's in the field but the Alpacas seem at home, single Fulmar along the cliffs single Meadow Pipit and single Reed Bunting and the theme continued down at St Mary's in the Willows a single Goldcrest and then a single Goldfinch topped off with on the newly scraped pond a Moorhen I did have two Wood Pigeon though.
Headed down to the harbour at Blyth and the highlight here was a Single Whooper swimming down the river past the piers and away out to sea   !!!!!
 The fortified latrine of Robert's Battery (actually the gun only fired once and broke every window along the front !!)
 You can see where the wire would have went at an angle 7-8' tall
 And the metal slot to put your rifle through
 There is a Bungalow through the trees which used to be for the Officers but it is a private house now
Lichen nows inhabits the wall

 Alpaccas seem at home in the steep valleys of Seaton Sluice
 St Mary's wetland and what look like feeding platforms have been erected ,the one in the background is for Sparrowhawks  complete with Wood Pigeons
 Apparantly the weed has been scraped out and the pond looks much better but I only had a single Moorhen here (views from the screen)

Whooper swan coming down the river at Blyth


Christie Knox said...

I was very excited at the arrival of the ladybirds. I have also seen an increase in the variety of birds landing in our garden this year, I think that might have something to do with the fact that our apple tree has grown fruit throughout the entire winter mind you!

Northumbrian Birding said...

Hi Christie , I must admit I like to see the first Ladybirds of the year I came across a tree oozing sap which also had about 30 ladybirds on